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LED Casino Technology

All members of the casino & gaming industry can get important benefits from the LED display application. Indeed, indoor & outdoor LED displays, by having different uses and shapes, have many advantages in comparison to traditional static billboards.


  • Aesthetic technology: No other technology can enhance your casino look inside and outside as much as the LED technology
  • Flexible technology: You can get the size, the shape and the image resolution you want. Anything is possible with the LED technology
  • Remote access controlling: from your desk you can monitor your display with the most recent technology such as 3G and GPRS technology
  • Content scheduling: with your remote access control software you can decide what & when you want to display your message, like a new game for instance
  • Great ROI: by reaching a large audience and programming exactly the content your want to display, you can maximize your investment by getting more customers


Digital Billboards:

At LED Express, we design, assemble and sale high quality digital billboard all under one roof. Our Digital billboards, available with our Broadcast, Professional and Economical Series are built to fit any location and are available in almost any size and configuration.

Because outdoor advertising works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you need to get the best digital billboards to display your products & services and have a great return on your investment.

We have the expertise, know-how and state-of-the-art equipment to fulfil almost any of your needs in terms of digital billboard. Our Digital billboards are designed and developed by our engineers, together with some of the most prominent companies in the LED industry.

Digital Billboard also called Digital signs or Outdoor billboards, have many advantages in comparison to traditional static billboards.



  • High brightness, at least to 6000nits, higher resolutions are available on demand, very suitable for a great visibility of your advertisings even during the day
  • With Waterproof IP67 certification, your display will resist to the most severe weather condition
  • Data & power Back-up for always being sure your advertisings are displayed
  • Virtual pixel technology (Broadcast Series DIP & SMD only)
  • Redundancy system
  • Pixel by pixel correction
  • Webcam monitoring
  • Remote diagnostic system
  • High skilled project manager at your service for inside installation
  • Easy to install and can be shipped in large section and maintain saving you labour-cost

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